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Tracy Griffiths

Aroma Yoga®: Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Tracy Griffiths, BCPP, CMT is a holistic wellness advocate who inspires and coaches people to for having healthier and more fulfilling lives.
For over thirty years in the healing arts, Tracy specializes in Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral, aromatherapy and massage. She is also a Reiki Master and a Certified Dream Coach, helping people source their passion and inspire them to take the steps to making their dreams come true.
Tracy co-owner of the bodywork school IPSB at Life Energy Institute in Los Angeles, is the creator of Aroma Yoga® and a senior faculty member the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, teaching aromatherapy in the field of integrative medicine, sharing the potent benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.
Tracy is a leader in the integration of yoga and essential oils, teaching in Japanese and European yoga communities how to greatly enhance their practice with the use of essential oils.

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Why Essential Oils are so special    
  • How easy it is to use EO's for everyday challenges 
  • How to implement EO's for self-care

Featured Freebie:

Chakra Clearing and Grounding Aroma Yoga Audio meditation

  • Introduction to the chakras
  • ​Learn how to clear your psychic space and have more your certianty
  • ​Easy tools for grounding and calming your body, mind and emotions

Aroma Yoga® A Guide for Using Essential Oils in Your Yoga Practice

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