Bloom  Boldly  Into 
Your  Vision
A Creative Retreat For Ambitious Women
March 23rd:  12.30-5pm PST

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, tired?
Life/business isn't happening how you imagine it?
Not enough time in the day for growth?
Want a shift or to uplevel?
Want more connection with others?

Bloom Boldly Into Your Vision" is not just a retreat; it is a catalyst for transformation, a celebration of feminine ambition, and a sanctuary where dreams are nurtured, shared, and empowered!
Join us in this immersive experience and embrace the journey towards realizing your most bold vision

Are you...

Wanting more time/space to grow
Feeling sooooo ready for relaxation & refreshing the soul
Looking for support for challenges & changes you're going through
Wanting more clarity for more velocity
Wanting momentum/confidence to move into your next best steps
Feeling ready to have a shift in your life, or would like to feel ready
Ready to accelerate your success/happiness
Wanting more meaning, purpose, direction
Grateful to learn tools you have for a lifetime
Looking for different ways to express yourself
Feeling drawn to connecting & creating community with other amazing women?

You're in the right place!

What's In The Retreat:

Guided Meditation
Unique Clarity &
Visioning Process
Partnering/Small Groups

In Depth Vision Boarding,
Unique Expression &
Guided Meditation

 A Community of Like Minded Women!


A Gift Bag Which Includes:
2 Complimentary 1 Hour Coaching Sessions - One with Clarissa & one with Mitta

Small Painting
Unique Energy Exercises
and some other goodies!

We are offering Bloom Boldly Into Your Vision Retreat
4 and a 1/2 hours & the Gift Bag
for  ONLY  $111


A  2 for 1  Offer that you can't resist!
Come and join the community with us...and bring a friend.
Wow...  a crazy sweet deal!

How does the 2 for 1 work?

*Step 1*  One person first signs up and pays through the button below
Yay! You're in!

Step 2:  You can decide yourself to either gift the other person...
or to have them pay their share to you later if that's something you both
have already agreed on. :-)

Step 3: Either way - the studio will need your friend's name, email and phone number.
You can email this to Faye - manager at The BloomLoft
Her email info is towards the bottom of their home page
Please mention the retreat 2 for 1, both your names, friend's info & when you paid, thanks.

Mitta Wise
Mitta Wise is an Empowerment & Visualization Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author & Meditator. Originally a registered nurse from NZ, she moved to Australia with a more holistic & meditative lifestyle & when she finally settled in Los Angeles, California... it was an easy transition to being a holistic practitioner with many holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, reflexology, & energy meridian therapies.
From there she has developed success & wellness online programs - both one on one & group.  Mitta has helped so many women with clarity, confidence & purpose... to go from stressed to purposed, stuck to successful & alone to connected - upleveling their lives big time in the process.
In her down time she meditates, sings, walks, practices yoga, & spends time with her partner Mike & friends. She is involved in two non profits that are close to her heart & travels to India or Nepal every year & NZ every 2-3 years
Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey
Dr. Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey is an award-winning transformational coach, organizational psychologist, abstract artist, podcaster, and author. She has worked with hundreds of aspiring leaders and their teams across a number of industries. The heart of her work beats at the intersection of leadership development, creativity, and wellness. Her top-rated podcast, Painting Your Path, is full of actionable strategies to help mid-lifers start living life on their terms. Through her various online events like From Employee to Creative Entrepreneur and The Creative Abundant Leadership Summit, Clarissa has helped thousands of aspiring and new creative entrepreneurs experience their own breakthroughs, helping them to design their next chapter outside corporate. She resides in sunny Southern California and can often be found shopping at Anthropologie or hiking a neighborhood trail
Bloom Loft Wellness Center & Yoga Studio
4004 W.Riverside Drive
Burbank 91505
In Toluca Lake area
**You'll need to set up a free account with them as you sign up
Hope To Meet You In This Community of Women 
Boldly Stepping Into Their Dreams!

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