Re-Ignite Your Path & Passion

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June 21-25, 2024

Re-Ignite Your Path & Passion!
A jump start platform for women 40+ ready to get clarity, re-ignite your path & passion and make a shift!

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FEATURING: A Native American Welcome 

Day 1: Kaluhyanuwes Michelle Schenandoah

 And featuring:

Our Expert Speakers

Monick Halm

The Goddess Path to
Re-ignite Your Life and Finances

Dr Keesha Ewers

How Childhood Trauma Steals Your Fire and Passion and
How to Get it Back

Christine Blosdale

Share Your Passion
With A Podcast!

Joyce Van Der Lely

How to Start Over,
Again and Again

Kim Groshek

The Power of Less:
Achieving More by Doing Less

Joy Normand

Unstuck and Unstoppable:
How to Move Forward and Pursue Your Passion

Tenille Hoogland

Embrace your
Physical Power & Strength

Nikki Di Girolamo

Spiritual Awakening: Rediscovering Your Life's Purpose

Dedee Cai

Discover Your Purpose and Redefine Your Success

Jill Marie Haas

Unleash Your Inner Fire:
Igniting Passion and Purpose in Every Aspect of Your Life

Ruth Ratliff

Radical Self Care with
Sound, Voice and Vibration

Dr Michele Gunderson

Story Freedom: Access the Power of Story to Create the Business You Love

Rebecca Shannon

Rising from The Ashes

Jenny Garufi

Knowing Your Self Worth to
Re-Ignite Your Passion for Life

Pearl Chiarenza

Stepping Into Your

Kim Thalken

Rise to new heights of fulfillment through self-awareness
and with confidence!

Laura Browne

How To Be Brave - 
4 Practical Steps to Help You Move out of Your Comfort Zone

Darlene Sochin

Beyond Survival:
Thriving Alongside Your Purpose

Becca Rae Eagle

The Transformative Power of Somatic Meditative Journaling

Mitta Wise

Re-Ignite with 
Everyday Exercises you 
Have For a Lifetime!

**Speaker pages with interviews, bios, contact links & free gifts are available on the day they speak.  You will receive an email that morning (6am Pacific time) with the speaker page link of the day, starting the 21st June and going through the 25th June. You'll have 24 hours each day to explore, get inspired and go to the links & free gifts 

Also Featuring Inspiring Song

Day 5: Kurt Johnson -

Your Host  

Mitta Wise

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