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Ragini Michaels

How To Stay Steady & Creative In Changing Times

Ragini is a premiere behavioral change specialist most beloved for her innovative Centered 24-7 six-step transformational process for expanding conscious awareness. Ragini is dedicated to supporting aspiring women leaders around the globe who want to catapult their commitment to conscious living & conscious leadership to a higher level of impact. She accomplishes this via the power of a new kind of practical wisdom that can neutralize and redirect the power of personal polarization. Ragini has run a successful private practice in NLP & Hypnosis for over 4 decades as well as offering certification in NLP and her original Paradox Management training, now available on-line. Ragini is an Best Selling Author, with 5 books and 8 guided meditation Mp3’s. She brings over 4 decades of personal experience exploring meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, presence, the Enneagram, and the art of spiritual inquiry.

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Life is not as it seems. Polar opposites are everywhere but we're not taught to view the world through this awareness. 
  • ​People only focus on half of the equation. Stay positive. But in reality, you can't eliminate the unpleasant part of the equation. And we're usually not even aware we're doing that.
  • ​The good news is there is a way to navigate this situation. There is a life hack to staying centered 24-7. A way to stay happy, centered, and peaceful no matter what life throws your way - pleasant or unpleasant.

Featured Freebie:

Your Inner Tug Of War E-Book

  • ​Describes the 6 areas of life where polarities cause the most stress and emotional upset
  • Offers 149 polar pairs to help you identify which ones are your most challenging
  • Identifies 7 mistakes everyone makes when looking for happiness

Unflappable: 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, Peaceful No Matter What

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