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Sadgurudev Swami Rahuleshwarandgiri Maharaj

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April 19th

Sadgurudev Swami Rahuleshwarandgiri Maharaj
ReInventing Yourself in Changing Times Opening

Neal Powless
From Athlete to Academic, a Journey of Survival

April 20th

Dr Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey
From Employee to Creative Entrepreneur
Jerome Gross
An Enlightened Way of Being

April 21st

Monick Halm
Financial Freedom Formula for Goddesses

Diane Martinez
Creating Your Life Consciously

April 22nd

Ragini Michaels
How To Stay Steady & Creative In Changing Times

Melanie Yeoh
Reinventing Yourself with Kinesiology in Changing Times

April 23rd

Aisha-Sky Gates
The Further Empowerment of Women through Strengthening 
their Personal Lives

Lisa Woodruff
The Sunday Basket

April 24th

Anish Baheti
In Pursuit of Discovery of Ikigai

Marilyn Anne Kay

Light Therapy to Activate Your Own Stem Cells

April 25th

Christina Jandali
How to Get Paying Clients with Facebook Groups

April 26th

Cathy O’Dowd
Embrace the Journey to Achieve your Summit

April 27th

Michelle Schenandoah
Your Gifts will Lead to Your Life's Path

Bernie Sirelson
Embracing Uncertainty

April 28th

Sabrina Runbeck
3 Simple Steps to Wake Up Excited and Thrive as a 
Powerful and Passionate Professional
Tracy Griffiths
Aroma Yoga®: Benefits of Essential Oils for Your 
Body, Mind and Spirit

April 29th

Dr Ellie Zarrabian
How to Thrive Post Pandemic

Alaine Black
Business Development/Consulting

April 30th

Julie M. Simon
Overwhelm and Emotional Eating: 
Blocks or Guides to Reinvention? 

Dr Adriana Popescu
Getting Energetically Congruent With An Amazing Life

May 1st

Dr Tamika Henry
It’s Not All in Your Head

Charly Jaffe
Finding Freedom in the Places We Run From

May 2nd

Atarangi Muru
Let's Romi - a Program for Change

Mitta Wise
Visualization, ReInvention & Closing
Abigail Gonzalez - Interviewer

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