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Mitta Vicki Wise

ReInvention, Visualization & Closing the Summit

Mitta is a Kiwi - from New Zealand, who came to the USA many years ago.
As a holistic practitioner and RN, she has worked with many different modalities including hypnotherapy, energy therapies, reflexology and toxin free living. She loves to help mostly women go from stressed to purposed, guiding them to find their clarity, direction and purpose on the way. She works one on one as well as offering group programs.

She hosts many different wellness groups, is a co-author of 'The Secret to a Fabulous Wedding', collaborates with other professionals when she can, and is host of the 
'Reinventing Yourself in Changing Times' Summit.

Mitta is a meditator who can often be found in India. She loves to sing and lives in Los Angeles with her long time partner - jazz pianist Mike Saul.

The Interviewer today is Abigail Gonzalez.
Abigail is a practitioner with over twenty years of experience in holistic healthcare. She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, bodyworker, certified yoga teacher, master level Reiki practitioner, meditator, and holds a Master Degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. She completed the Functional Medicine program at FMU and studied Ayurveda through the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda. 

She has a personal “Gurudev,” her spiritual teacher, Paramahans Satgurudev Rahuleshwaranandji, who inspires her to be happy; healthy in body, mind, and spirit; and to live the highest expression of her soul’s identity. Ultimately, this is also what Abigail strives to engender in patients, clients, and fellow human beings, no matter which modality of healing she is working in. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and feline friend, both of whom perfectly embody unconditional love and strengthen her own resolve to love without limitation, every single day. 

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Why the ReInvention Summit 
  • Guided Imagery/Visualization   
  • ​Closing

Featured Freebie:

2 Inner Guide Visualizations

  • ​Listening to your Inner Guide   
  • Relaxation and Visualization  
  • Wisdom & Direction

The Secret To A Fabulous Wedding: How To Be A Relaxed & Radiant Bride - Stress Management & More for Brides

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