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Melanie Yeoh

Reinventing Yourself with Kinesiology in Changing Times

Having finished school and completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours, Melanie started her career as a biomedical scientist, working in spinal cord injury research.
During this time however, she realised that that she was not completely fulfilled in her career choice, and after meeting Hollywood's Superman, Christopher Reeve, she realised just how important touch is, for a person. And so, she made a decision to take massive action and decided to study a course in Remedial Massage.
After having travelled and lived overseas, in 2009, Melanie decided to start her own remedial massage business in Sydney, Australia. Having never run her own business before, in her second year, she was so stressed, that her body broke out with a terrible skin condition on her hands and elbows.
Looking back, she jokingly calls herself, the "most stressed remedial massage therapist she ever knew”. However, this moment, gave her the opportunity to meet a kinesiologist and this encounter, would change her life forever.
Within one session and without having done anything else differently, she noticed that her skin had improved by about 30%! The amazing results that she saw in herself following her sessions, is the number one, reason why she has dedicated her life to learning and sharing her knowledge of how energy medicine and modern science can meld together to create lasting transformation and change in a person.
Having conducted over 10,000 1:1 sessions with clients over the past 12 years, Melanie is passionate about helping her clients to understand how our energy can impact our emotions, our mindset as well as our physical body.
Through her unique combination of Kinesiology and Transformation Coaching, Melanie has developed her signature, Release to Regenerate 8 Week Program, which she delivers online or over the phone, to her clients in Australia and overseas.
When she’s not helping people to transform their lives, Melanie unwinds by playing golf, going to yoga and cooking. 

Key Points About Our Chat

  • ​Collapse of my remedial massage business in 2020 where I lost 6 staff and had to close the clinic I had for the past 9 years
  • How by rebalancing my energy, I was able to reduce stress and with the right support, and the ability to remodel our mindset, how easy it is to transform and regenerate by releasing that which holds us stuck or holds us back 
  • How kinesiology and transformation coaching can be done over the phone or zoom

Featured Freebie:

An E-Guide called: Stress Less Today: How to Release Pain and Stress Naturally In 3 Simple Steps

  • How to release neck and shoulder pain using one easy technique
  • How to reduce emotional stress in less than 6 minutes
  • How to balance your brain in 4 simple steps. 

Stress Less Today: Top 3 Tips To Naturally Release Stress and Pain

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