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Marilyn Anne Kay

Light Therapy to Activate Your Own Stem Cells

A UK native, Marilyn has always had an affinity with natural healing modalities and the importance of spending time in nature. She has always been inspired to help others enjoy better sleep, improved energy and vitality, improved mental clarity and overall sense of wellbeing to keep up with LIFE!
She is a lover of all things esoteric and a student of astrology and aromatherapy.
Marilyn is passionate about empowering and inspiring women to lead healthier and happier lives and to reach for their maximum potential. She understands that when a woman is strong and confident it has a cascading affect on all those around her. She recognizes that we are the ‘nurturers’ of the world and it is up to us to pass vital knowledge of ancient healing to those who have yet to come after us.
Marilyn teaches a variety of classes online to educate about health and longevity. Class topics are varied and always being updated.

Key Points About Our Chat

  • What is Light Therapy and How Does it Work?       
  • Activating Your Stem Cells       
  • The Benefits

Featured Freebie:

30 minute Light Therapy Consultation

  • ​Overview of how personalized light therapy can activate your stem cells
  • ​Understand the many benefits for your own personal health
  • Completely non-invasive, clinically proven and patented technology

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