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Dr. Tamika Henry

It's Not All in Your Head

Dr. Tamika C. Henry s a board certified family physician who practices functional medicine - and is also certified in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Her patients come to her complaining of fatigue, brain fog, low sex drive, anxiety, gut issues, and more— and they leave feeling alive and unleashed!
The focus of Dr. Henry’s practice is to look at a patient’s entire story and help them get back to the basics. Together, they look past the current symptoms and see the importance of determining the underlying root cause. She practices Functional Medicine - an approach that takes into consideration the whole picture including such things as diet, exercise, environment, genetics, stress, sleep, medications, and the impact of spirituality. This complete lifestyle approach is exactly what patients need; Dr. Henry addresses the root causes instead of just treating an isolated symptom.
Dr. Henry is the author of The Unlimited You Detox, a powerful book
about how to live a detox lifestyle and get your body, mind, and environment all working towards being the unlimited version of yourself. Dr. Henry is also a well- known speaker, having talked on a range of topics including reversing diabetes, resetting your hormones, and more.
When she is not training her patients in the art of personal health and wellness, Dr. Henry enjoys spending time with her family and Great Dane.

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  • Upon completion of the call Dr. Henry provides you.a digital copy of her book, The Unlimited You Detox

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