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Christina Jandali

How to Get Paying Clients with Facebook Groups

Christina Jandali is a confidence-boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist who helps coaches and course creators build a raving fan base and produce scalable profits by hosting a free Facebook group.
She is a self-made millionaire who started her business from ground zero during maternity leave from her corporate job when she decided it was time to build her own dreams, not someone else's. She's since worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe to create their own predictable cashflow machines.

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Is having your own Facebook group the right next step for you?
  • ​How to stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal clients without wasting hours on strategies that just don’t work.
  • What NEVER to do if you want to grow your Facebook Group with 1000s of ideal clients.
  • ​Why everything you’ve learned about having your own profitable Facebook Group is dead wrong, and what you should do instead.

Featured Freebie:

Grow Your Group Bundle

  • Fill-in-the blank Perfect Facebook Naming Formula Worksheet    
  • Irresistible Intro Post template    
  • ​5 step Grow your Group mini course to start filling your group with soon to be buyers, not just freebie seekers 

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