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Charly Jaffe

Finding Freedom in the Places We Run From

Charly Jaffe is a crisis counselor, best-selling author and award-winning Google change-maker on a mission to help others replace shame and isolation with connection and empowerment. She is co-producer and co-creative director for the PAUSE series, with Emmy award-winner Adam Kantor, Steven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foundation, and OneTable. Charly connects young adults bereaved by COVID-19 to free grief support and each other, as an organizer of the COVID Grief Network. She currently has documentary and podcast projects in development.

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Positivity can be poison if we take it to extremes: the importance of making space for hard emotions and tough times
  • ​Post-traumatic growth: research shows the greatest growth does not come from resilience, but by breaking and having to build ourselves back together again   
  • The beautiful gift of facing my mortality young: my north star question for big life choices 'will this make me more ready to die'

Featured Freebie:

Exclusive Interview and Framework for Thriving

  • ​Exclusive interview: Co-authors Richard and Charly join best-selling author John Assaraf, NYTimes best-selling author, to discuss their seven ingredients for thriving, how they’ve differed in their lives and the up’s and down’s of writing a father/daughter book together.
  • ​Framework for Thriving: The Framework for Thriving doc distills down the seven key ingredients from my book, with prompts and interactive exercises to help you integrate them into your life.

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