Featuring 30 Entrepreneurs, 
Wellness & Empowerment Experts
May 21-26, 2022 (VIP Pass still available)

Break Through Your Blocks and Reinvent! 
A jump start platform for women 40+ ready to 
break through blocks, get clarity and reinvent themselves!

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Native American Welcome 

Day 1: Kaluhyanuwes Michelle Schenandoah


Our Expert Speakers from Day 1 to Day 6

Lynnis Woods-Mullins 
Holistic Living and Wellness Expert for Women Over 40

Debbie Allen
The World's #1 Authority on Expert Positioning
Kimberly Palm
Spiritual Growth Journeys
Anne Dennish
Writer, Motivational Speaker
Joy Normand
Empowerment & Success Coach
Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey
The Creative Entrepreneur
Mary Ayers
Tapping Solution

Oreet Jehassi Schwartz
The Bellydance Workout
Aubree Saia  Breathe of Life -
Sacred Living Arts

Brenda Kiss
Laura Sanders
Supernatural Recovery 
Lei Lopez
Success Coach
Joyce van Der Lely
Art Alchemist -
Empowerment Guide & Dream Creator

Sherry Jibb
The Healing Place
Rev. Connie Habash
Awakening From Anxiety
Uhkary Busto
Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator
Tammy Dunnett
Relationship Revolution
Nina Camille
Experience Freedom
Shoshanna French
Simple Spirit

Jody Mountain
Lineage of Light
Judith Dazle
Owner & Coach Metaphysics
Bethany Dotson
Yoga Therapist & Relationship Coach 
Michele Cempaka
Spirit Weaver Journeys
Dr Cari Schaeffer
Wise Women Emerging
Kathryn Crissman
Results Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Sonia Maslovskaya
Public Speaking Coach 
Stefanie Sabounchian
Shaileen Shah
Happiness Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Pam Shriver
Financial Consultant
Mitta Vicki Wise
Stressed To Purposed
Your Host & Speaker: 

Mitta Wise

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