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Bernie Sirelson

Embracing Uncertainty

Bernie is a composer of Electronic Classical Music. He has been working in this "genre" since 1980 and worked with some of the pioneers in the industry.
He is a free-form improvisor on piano and keyboards as well as a piano instructor.
He says: "My compositions, and thought process for that matter, have to do with freedom, flight, inner vision and new experience. "Uncertainty", you could say. My work invokes inner "mind movies" and a deep experience of floating, flying, or even being deep undersea and in huge caves."
Bernie has composed music for a dance production of Milton's "Paradise Lost" and is currently working on the score for a documentary about an LA artist.
He is also a personal coach, a "Creativity Coach"- but really, a "freedom of thought and action" coach. This informs his piano teaching, as well as his informal conversations with people.

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