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Atarangi Muru

Let's Romi - A Program for Change

Atarangi Muru is a Maori & healer from New Zealand who travels and talks to people around the world - sharing her gift and her Maori ancestral wisdom and culture.
Atarangi's passion is to share the teaching and wisdom passed down from elders like Papa Joe (Hohepa Delamere), Heni Phillips (Aunty Heni), Manu Korewha, Aunty Bella and her own bloodline stories from her family.
There are 2 taonga (precious gifts) that hold importance in my life as a teacher of our way and our work. They are;
- Self Help and Self Healing using the teachings of Mahi Raakau - Medicine Stick
- the knowledge that each person we work on is the greatest healer in their life.
Our contribution as the bodyworker / healer is the depth of knowledge about the body and how to realign it so that they can help themselves 

Key Points About Our Chat

  • Ancestral Core Beliefs  
  • ​Taonga (precious gifts)
  • Maori Romi healing

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