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Anish Baheti

In pursuit of discovery of Ikigai

Born in India, Anish Baheti is a qualified Chartered Accountant (IND), an MBA in Accounting & Finance (AUS), a Certified Life Coach (AUS), Certified Trainer & Assessor (AUS) and a Certified Practitioner for Brain Mapping (UK).
As the founder of Train My Brain® (IND) & Concepts Coach® (AUS), Anish has delivered thousands of entertaining, energizing, and engaging conferences. Helping educational institutions, corporate offices, entrepreneurs, students, and athletes alike, Anish has formed a lasting presence in the world of life improvement.
After spending his early life in India, Anish lived in Australia, becoming familiar with reliable, lasting brands as their success became his own. Not all victories were immediate, however. His life has dealt him many challenges, but now that he can reflect, his growth and success are more rewarding than he had ever imagined. His life’s journey has now brought him to a place where he can help others overcome their struggles and have the life they dream.
Keynote Speaker Anish Baheti holds simplified & inspiring talks on the following topics:
Build Emotional Intelligence using a deck of 52 cards (The Life Deck®)
Accounting for non-Accountants made a playful using a deck of 52 cards (The Numbers Deck™)
Discover your Purpose. Find your Ikigai. Live your Dream
Purpose to Product - weekend 1-on-1 program
Anish enjoys long-distance solo-riding, exploring new countries, and engaging with people from different cultures. Dancing and singing to new music from all over the world is one of his favorite ways of interacting with new people. 

Key Points About Our Chat

  • According to the Japanese every single person on this planet has an Ikigai — a reason for being or a purpose in your life.    
  • You will be taught about the 3 circle blueprint to help you get some insight about your life’s purpose.

Featured Freebie:

2 free tickets for a 1-on-1 Ikigai session with Anish

  • Your chance to experience and 'unpack' the 3 circle blueprint in this 45 minute free session with Anish

The Life Deck - 52 Simple Concepts for Complex Lives

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